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          Mr. Pascual Rivero Gamboa built the Hacienda Kancabchen (pozo de tierra roja) in 1921, which is located just 15 minutes from the colonial city of Merida in the state of the Yucatan.
          This beautiful colonial-style hacienda was created with the target to engage in farming and the prodcution of sisal (the plant of henequen), but due to teh gradual disappearance of the industry of sisal, Mr. Rivero Gamboa inherited the property to her daughter, Mrs. Josefina Gamboa Casares, who had owned until 1985.
          From this date, the Ponce Garcia family bought it, to enable a dairy farm and a place for recreation and relaxation.
Hacienda Kancabchen
Hacienda Kancabchen
          Currently, la hacienda maitains much of its original area, which consists in the main house decorated with delicate and fine wall paintings, large rooms, high ceilings and large windows; consists of two levels, 8 rooms, library, livingroom, stay, kitchen, dining, breakfast room, bathrooms and cantina equipped with board games.
          It also has a chapel with its Saint called San Antonio de Padua and capacity for 200 people; there is a zoo, orchard, stables, lienzo charro (mexican rodeo), area for cockfighting and a casino.
          Complementing the beautiful appearance there are large gardens of lush and colorful vegetation, which have a capacity up to 600 people.
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