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          "La Charreria forged and wrote its story in the countryside"

          La Charreria is one of the most authentic mexican traditions for its originality, daring, gallantry, colorful and fun. Currently it is an artistic show and popular party that represents the Mexico´s enviroment. It is also part of the national culture, it highlights el charro (mexican cowboy), horses and appliances, which represent the essence of this tradition.
          La Charreria was conceived in the countryside, with ardous tasks of domestication and exploitation of livestock. In colonial age, the crown granted consessions call Mercedes (land grants) and parcels. The grants lands were allocated to agriculture and livestock. The land grants for horses were called stables and for livestock, ranchs.
          During the mexican revolution, la charreria suffered a break, because many rural people joined the movement in several states, for that reason, countryside activities were suspended.
          By finishing the revolution and due to disappearance of livestock ranchs, la charreria no longer practiced as a ncessity,
but as a sport. Los charros, who remembered the days when they practiced in the countryside, began meeting to practice it in towns where they had taken refuge. This way, la charreria almost stopped practicing in the countryside, where had its origin, moving to urban centers, mainly the most populous.
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